Why in the name of Dumbledore am I Gardening?

I have tried and failed to take care of plants many times. I am not a natural care-taker. I was even terrible at feeding my cat. I was so bad, in fact, that she learned to move her automatic feeder out of the laundry room, through the kitchen, and into the living room of our small apartment (I eventually learned, and she had a wonderful life!).

So, then….why the frak am I doing this???

So many reasons.



About three months ago my beloved cat passed away. We had a wonderful time together and I did enjoy taking care of her (when I learned). I am not ready for a new dog or cat… so why not care for plants?


About one year ago, my husband and I bought our first home (pictured above). The back yard is huge too! It was full of potential. So, why not garden?


I am (and have been for almost five years) a PhD student. It is stressful. It is difficult. And in addition to exercise, I need another way to deal. I feel depleted all the time. So, why not spend time with nature?


Even though I am dyslexic, I actually love to write. But there are only so many academic words I can think of in a day. So why not document my gardening?


This is the year of fearlessness. And I have always been weary of gardening. Because even though I have totally kept Bambrobee alive for over TWO YEARS, I have not really tried to garden in a long time. So why not do it now?

I suppose then that the question is not WHY am I gardening now. Instead, the question is WHY NOT?


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